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Project CB 750


Electrical Work - not very rewarding...

Let's just say this is pretty much one of the most tedious tasks to do on a bike.  Here are some picture to see some of the things I cleaned up.  I really didn't know that they were bad, but I'd be willing to guess that there were about 15.4 bad electrical connections from sitting in a shed for 13 years...

The best advice I can give when doing electrical work is not to be afraid to take things apart.  Do pay attention to where they came from and only work on one piece at a time so you don't have a pile of stuff on the garage floor you don't know how to put back on the motorcycle.

Dielectric greasing  Cleaning the Ground
When pulling electrical wiring apart, I always will squirt a bit of dielectric grease to prevent future corrosion / moisture. A bike's ground point is critical.  Here I clean the ground strap and the point where it is secured to the bike.
Main electrical components

I'm removing the main electrical components under the left side panel to clean all electrical connections



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